December 27, 2019#college | #social

Reflections: First Semester

You'd think, a college freshman in Mexico for vacation (travel diary coming later) would have better things to do than write a blog about college. Most of the time, you'd be right, but I had some time on my hands so I figured I'd get working on this. If you haven't guessed by the title, I just wrapped up my first semester at Cal, and boy did I have an experience. People always portray college as a wild ride, and it kind of is. I grew academically, socially, and pretty much everything-ly. Read more

December 7, 2019#social


If you've ever kept up with my blogging status in the past, you know that I've never stuck to a blog for more than a month or so. I'd say this time is going to be different, but probably not. We'll see though! Anyway, this blog is going to consolidate everything I've ever cared to blog about -- technology, politics/constitutional law, or just my life and its ups and downs. Read more