November 30, 2020#college | #technical

Overhauling Infrastructure for CS 61A

I've been working as a tutor this semester for CS 61A. Until about a week ago, my job has been primarily teaching, with a focus area in extra mentoring as well helping with grade management, since I took care of the latter as a TA over summer. However, after a bug popped up in the grading system last week, I volunteered to fix it instead of deferring to our Head of Software like we usually do. Since then, I've turned 61A infra over and improved multiple aspects of it. Read more

July 15, 2020#college | #teaching

First Semester as a Teaching Assistant

Class started about three weeks ago, and I've already realized that I want to do this the entire time I'm in college. Teaching is the single greatest experience I've ever had, and being a TA this summer was the best decision I could've made. Read more

May 19, 2020#college | #review

Reflections: Freshman Year

Well that didn't quite end the way I planned it... This virus ended up lasting through the remaining few weeks of college, so I guess that's a wrap for freshman year. I still had a decent time while I was present on campus, to be fair, so it wasn't a complete disaster. Read more

March 20, 2020#college | #technical

My College Workflow

It is now my second semester in college, and it's been a pretty steady ride so far. In the last few months, I've developed a studyflow that I think works for me, and I figured I might as well share it here. This post will contain some general things, but it'll be very largely targeted towards what a CS major would care about, given that I'm a CS major. I'll break it down by course, as most of my process will probably carry forward to future similar courses. Read more

December 27, 2019#college | #review

Reflections: First Semester

You'd think, a college freshman in Mexico for vacation (travel diary coming later) would have better things to do than write a blog about college. Most of the time, you'd be right, but I had some time on my hands so I figured I'd get working on this. If you haven't guessed by the title, I just wrapped up my first semester at Cal, and boy did I have an experience. People always portray college as a wild ride, and it kind of is. I grew academically, socially, and pretty much everything-ly. Read more