December 7, 2019#social


If you've ever kept up with my blogging status in the past, you know that I've never stuck to a blog for more than a month or so. I'd say this time is going to be different, but probably not. We'll see though! Anyway, this blog is going to consolidate everything I've ever cared to blog about -- technology, politics/constitutional law, or just my life and its ups and downs.

In case you have no idea who I am, here's a little context. I'm VS, a freshman at UC Berkeley studying Computer Science, Data Science, and French. I've lived in the Bay Area (California, in case you're not reading this from California) for about 8 years now, before which I lived in India for 11. My passion for Computer Science sparked in middle school, when I started learning HTML and eventually got into Java, which led to Android app development. I started taking French around the same time, but I really fell in love with the language during freshman year of high school. Data Science was something I didn't intend to get into, but AP Statistics junior year really got me hooked onto the power of numbers. As for politics, I participated in my high school's We The People team last year (2018-19), which is a program for high school seniors to become significantly more informed about politics and constitutional law than the majority of the American population. Subtle flex, but our team was second in the nation.

When I'm not crunching CS homework, I like to fool around on my laptop. This website was a result of that -- I threw together my working knowledge of HTML/CSS and learned how to use static site generators to compile the homepage and this blog (powered by Hugo!). I also decided I'd publish all my notes for all my classes, since I tend to take decently detailed and helpful (at least, personally) notes. If you're a Berkeley student and want to potentially use my notes as extra studying material, feel free to check them out.

I also love listening to music. I listen to pop (the usual), hip-hop (Eminem, Logic, Drake, and a few other common artists), timeless classics (Queen, Michael Jackson, etc.), French pop, Punjabi pop, and Bollywood music. A variety of genres that never fails to make me happy.

I think that's a decent description of who I am. As I continue blogging (we'll see for how long), you'll get to know me more, but thanks for reading!